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Ball cleaning system sponge ball defoamer


Complete hydration in just seconds after starting water absorption!
Complete water absorption of all required sponge balls in one process.

Uses no vacuum pumps

Uses no vacuum pumps, hydrates easily just with water service pressure. Compact case.

No bother, one touch from water service tap

A system which uses water supply pressure and no vacuum pumps.

Complete water absorption in an instant!

Operation is carried out by opening and closing a cock for all at once water absorption. Doesn't require excessive extra effort or time.

Strong and long lasting stainless steel structure

Cases use stainless steel that won't rust. Strong and long-lasting.

Environmentally friendly design that uses no electricity

Uses no electricity and produces 0 CO2 emissions. Environmentally friendly design.

1L large capacity bottle

The bottle has a volume of 1L allowing balls to be hydrated in a single use.
*Approximately 300 balls for 15mm sponge balls (According to our company's research)
Model : WS-L1000SA

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