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Lining products

It has been more than 80 years since we first started producing rubber linings. Since then we have continued steady evolution as a major rubber lining manufacturer developing a total and meticulous business from material selection to after service all based on the high level of expertise and knowhow we have developed over our long history. Showa Rubber products are used in a wide variety of industrial fields including reaction tanks, absorption towers, electrolysis tanks, lorry tanks, flue gas desulfurization equipment, chemical, food products (rubber lining food grade), medical supply, atomic power, steel and iron, water treatment, environmental equipment, etc., and can also provide flexible handling of customer needs from the expected factory production to on-site construction. We can also diagnose and evaluate the lifespan of currently installed linings (onsite inspection, sampling from currently installed linings), and process (industrial waste, recycle product separation and disposal after rubber removal) rubber lining product tanks, etc., so feel free to contact us for a consultation.

Rubber lining process

Factory facilities

Vast work environment
Our plants have an extensive working environment which allows us to easily handle large scale tanks and other types of heavy loads.

Vulcanization facilities
We have some of the highest capacity vulcanizers in the industry including 2 large scale Adamson vulcanizers.

Other facilities
We have a recirculating sandblaster and 10 ton and 5 ton cranes which allow us to move and work on heavy tanks up to a maximum of 30 tons. We also have a refining division which supplies the lining sheets to be used, in addition to divisions to research, test, and inspect all products inside our factory, allowing us to provide total support for our customers' products.

On-site constructed rubber linings

There are many situations where the transition to large size facilities makes it impossible to transport rubber equipment.
In these types of situations, we can dispatch our staff to the site and carry out the rubber lining process with the equipment already installed.
Our company has a proven track record with a large number of rubber lining projects including an over 10,000m ultra large scale caustic soda tank, flue gas desulfurization equipment and large scale mixing tanks.
Our on-site process methods are generally the same as our plant processing methods.
However, for vulcanization of large scale equipment on-site, it is often impossible to increase the pressure so we use a special rubber material which can be vulcanized at 100°C or lower. On-site processing using our company's original no pressure vulcanization method has an established reputation and has received great praise from a variety of sources.

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