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Terms of Use

This website is managed by Showa Rubber Co., Ltd. (Hereinafter "the Company").
By making use of this website, all users agree to be bound by the terms of use for the website.


The copyrights for all information posted on this website shall, in general, belong to Showa Rubber Co., Ltd. Excluding instances where the prior authorization of Showa Rubber Co., Ltd. has been obtained, any use (including duplication, alteration, upload, posting, transmission, distribution, sales, publishing, etc.) of the information posted on this website shall be prohibited.

Exemption of Liability Related to Information

The Company exercises the utmost caution in regards to the "Information" and "Content" posted on this website, however in the event there are any errors in the content of the website, the Company shall accept no responsibility for said errors. In addition, the content of the website may be changed, deleted or discontinued at any time with no prior notice.

Exemption of Liability Related to Linked Sites for Showa Rubber Co., Ltd.

Responsibility for the management of all external websites linked to from this website and for external websites which link to this website lies with the parties responsible for the relevant websites. Showa Rubber Co., Ltd. accepts no responsibility for any damages caused through the content of linked sites or the use of such content.


These terms of use may be changed at any time without prior notice.