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CarryOx aeration tubes

キャリオックス散気管 CarryOx aeration tubes are microbubble aeration tubes developed for drainage water treatment aeration tanks. Microbubble aeration has an extremely high oxygen solubility ratio and allows for a great reduction in power consumption for wastewater treatment. In addition, it can also be applied (installed or substituted) to all types of aeration methods.
CarryOx aeration tubes use rubber membranes which resolves the clogging and high pressure loss which are common weaknesses of other aeration tubes.

CarryOx aeration tube characteristics

・ Low incidence of clogging
・ High oxygen solubility ratio
・ Large energy saving results
・ Extremely low change in pressure loss over years of usage
・ Low buoyancy
・ No need to fasten CarryOx and air supply pipes to bottom of tank
・ Superior corrosion resistance
・ Can be used for a wide range of ventilation volumes
・ The membrane support pipes are single cast pieces so there is no worry about breakage leaks
・ Installation, including replacement of current system, is simple, allowing for a great deal of freedom in installation

Fields in which CarryOx aeration tubes can be used

・ Industrial drainage treatment , ・ Sewage treatment , ・ Livestock industry wastewater treatment , ・ Town wastewater treatment , ・ Domestic wastewater treatment

CarryOx aeration tube structure

This product uses polypropylene as its main raw material and is composed of a single molded support pipe and rubber membrane held together with 2 fasteners. Uniform air supply is carried out via air distribution slots along the entire effective length.
Air supply pipe and CarryOx tubes are connected using a connector pipe. We provide a variety of connectors for other connection methods.

Oxygen solubility ratio and pressure loss

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