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Food and medical products

We are able to respond to the faith placed in us by the food and medical device fields with our original production processes which guarantee both safety and hygiene.

For our various food and medical products, including nipples for nursing bottles, we use carefully selected, specialized raw materials and design and manufacture the trusted product lines in-house. This is supported by our company's original and advanced production technologies and thorough quality management. Because these products require not just high precision and functionality, but also safety and hygiene, we handle them at our company's own unique production facilities.
We are also very active in research and development, carrying out work based on the expertise and knowhow we have developed over our long history. Recently we are tackling a variety of themes including expanding our product range from syringe products to care products, beginning development of high performance materials which use microorganisms for antimicrobial action and handling of sanitary materials.

Major products

Nursing bottle nipples, sanitary gaskets, gaskets for food use, medical rubber products, syringes, pacifiers, rubber balls, cuffs, plungers, pig pumps, squeezing rubber, sequence valve gaskets, etc.

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