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Neutron shielding rubber

What are neutrons ?

Neutrons are produced through atomic fission.

Use of neutrons

Neutrons are used for dispersing and diffracting nuclei, and they also have superior penetrating power, hydrogen detection capacity and magnetic detection capacity, etc., and these properties are used for elemental analysis, molecular structure analysis, creation of new materials, cancer research, non-destructive testing and a variety of other applications.

Neutron shielding rubber

Neutron shielding rubber is used to protect against leaks, etc. for equipment which radiates neutrons.

1. Neutron shielding capacity

Thickness 5mm 10mm
I / Io
1.412 × 10-3
3.18 × 10-5

Io: incident neutron strength, I: penetrating neutron strength, μ: absorption coefficient
Results using testing and research nuclear reactors of the Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute Tokai Research and Development Center (Currently the Japan Atomic Energy Agency JAEA)

2. Properties

Pulling strength 4MPa (4MPa)
Elongation 220% (200%)
Hardness 69 (74)Durometer A

In parenthesis ( ): After aging at 70°C×96 hours

3. Processability at usage sites

・Processing on-site is easy
・Adhesive application on-site is easy
・Processing to design shapes is easy

Example uses of neutron shielding rubber

Brain cancer treatment medical irradiation chamber
Research nuclear reactors JRR-2 Complete view of medical irradiation chamber

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