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Environmental activities

 In the 21st century, often called the environmental century, taking part in environmental preservation activities is considered an integral part of a company's social responsibility. As such our company established an "environmental preservation committee" in August of 2001 and is planning to further expand our environmental preservation activities. At "Showa Rubber Co., Ltd." our motto is "carry out all daily activities while giving priority to environmental preservation", and all employees process and recycle industrial waste, work to reduce water pollution from drainage and conserve energy and resources as members of the group. In May 2003 we completed the KES "Environmental Management System" and acquired ISO14001:2004 certification in June of 2010 and plan to continue expanding our environmental activities based on the policy outlined below.

Quality Policy

Construct and continually reform a quality management system in order to precisely determine customer needs, provide the highest quality products using high level technology, techniques and knowhow, and increase customer confidence and satisfaction.

The "highest quality" refers to not only quality in terms of technology or usage, but also assuring full satisfaction of customer requirements, price, quality, production volume and deadlines and an assurance system for each of these items.

Environmental Philosophy

Our company understands that the preservation of the global environment is one of the most pressing issues shared by all mankind and our entire organization strives to reduce environmental burden to the greatest degree possible.

Environmental Policy

Showa Rubebr Co., Ltd. aims to exist in harmony with the global environment and promotes environmental management activities in accordance with the following policy in order to reduce the environmental effects of all of our activities, products and services related to the manufacture and sales of industrial rubber products, food and medical products and sports products.


Our company always remains aware of the environmental effects of our products and services, promotes the prevention of environmental pollution and aims to continually refine and improve our environmental management activities.


Our company observes all environmental laws and other relevant requirements related to our company's activities, products and services.


The following items from among those items related to our company's activities, products and services with an effect on the environment are handled as priority environmental management themes.

(1) Reduction of power consumption
(2) Reduction of gas consumption
(3) Reduction of waste rubber amounts
(4) Reduction of water supply usage
(5) Reduction of copy paper usage amounts

4.In order to allow each and every employee to actively put environmental burden reducing activities into practice, we ensure all company employees and others working with our company are made completely aware of this environmental declaration and also announce the declaration outside of the company as well.

5. Our company actively participates in regional environment improvement activities.

Our company sets targets, periodically reexamines goals and activities and promotes environmental management activities in order to successfully fulfill the above policy.
Date of Enactment: January 1, 2012
Representative Director and President
Showa Rubber Co., Ltd.

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